SILCA Snoop Vehicle Key Cloner D737052ZB

SILCA Snoop Vehicle Key Cloner D737052ZB

Snoop is the unique sniffer that reads original key data from the car immobilizer.

They have been developed as part of the Silca ID46 Solutions for cloning Philips® Crypto 2 ID46 type transponders. Data detection is quick and easy: just wrap it aroung the original key while you turn it in the car ignition. The device LEDs illuminate to confirm successful sniffing.

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SILCA Snoop Vehicle Key Cloner D737052ZB

RW4 Plus is the easy-to-use and portable cloning device for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide range of transponders used on a variety of vehicle keys. It is also able to generate certain types of transponders and save up to 99 codes in an on board archive.

Transponder reading: RW4 Plus detects the presence of fixed code and Crypto transponders in a vehicle key and identifies the type showing it on the display. The device can recognize the presence of several other transponders including Philips® Crypto 3, Megamos® Crypto 2 and Texas® AES transponders.

Codes archive: RW4 Plus: Up to 99 transponder codes can be saved in an on board archive that can be easily deleted when required. Unlimited codes can be archived when using a PC and the Silca Transponder Program.

Easy powering: RW4 Plus can be easily powered up in any vehicle by means of a cigarette lighter socket cable.

Silca ID48 (M-BOX): one device, one M-Snoop, one glass transponder and one simple

Silca ID48 is a web-based solution using the new M-Box add-on hardware and automatically updated software. It covers over 200 vehicle models from all the major automotive groups.

The 100% guaranteed cloning solution for Megamos® Crypto ID48 transponders.

New glass transponder fits original transponder keys and remotes, as well as all Silca’s replacement vehicle keys.

Unique M-Snoop technology reads original key data without need to cut a new key.

Simple visual confirmation of successful cloning before cutting the key blade.



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