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  • Air Wedges

    Air Wedges (2)

    Air Wedges inflatable air cushion is an innovative alignment tool that replaces shims and wedges when levelling and installing windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and household appliances.
  • Cables and Chains

    Cables and Chains (3)

    Our Cables and Chains include the steel chain for use with padlocks for securing a range of standalone objects.
  • Car Opening Kits

    Car Opening Kits (4)

    This variety of tools will help you open an impressive amount of cars using the Through Car, Under Button, and Under & Over styles, as well as attacking vertical and horizontal rods, lazy pawls, bell cranks, and the GM latch
  • Cutters

    Cutters (6)

    We supply milling cutters, cutting wheels and blades to duplicate keys and to equip key cutting machines such as Silca, Keyline, LSA, KIS, KURT, RST, Tilney, Assa Abloy. Find a large range of key cutters on our website: milling cutter, flat slotter, top hat cutter, end milling cutter, tracer point, side milling cutter.
  • Cylinders

    Cylinders (3)

    BBL Security Products stocks a wide range of cylinders. Brands of cylinders include BBL, ABUS and EVVA. Suitable for a range of applications.
  • Door Fittings

    Door Fittings (2)

    View all door fittings. Door Chains, Door Viewers, Hinge Protectors, Keyhole blockers, door stops etc.
  • Door Security

    Door Security (4)

    Door Security Bar is military grade solid aluminum and is battering ram tested. ABUS Door Bar the best security door bar on the market.
  • Hasp and Staples

    Hasp and Staples (12)

    View our range of HASP and Staples. Our HASP and staples come in various sizes for a range of applications. Brands include BBL, Abus and CISA.
  • Industrial Safety Lockouts

    Industrial Safety Lockouts (11)

    Industrial Safety Lockouts or lock and tag is a safety procedure which is used in industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work.
  • Key Blanks

    Key Blanks (4)

    We stock a full range of key blanks. All of our BBL locks have corresponding key blanks. We also stock key blanks for DORMAKABA Locks, UNION Locks and Yale Locks.
  • Key Cutting Machines

    Key Cutting Machines (18)

    We are stockists of a range of Key Cutting Machines. Latch Key Cutting Machines. Mortice Key Cutting Machines. Dual Key Cutting Machines.
  • Key Safe

    Key Safe (5)

    View our range of Keys Safes. The BBL Key Safe includes weather resistant cover. Stockist of the ABUS Key Garage. Mobile key storage. Easy to install.
  • Lishi Picks

    Lishi Picks (8)

    Made with high grade stainless steel, every tool is durable and has been designed to fit into the lock smoothly. In fact we are so confident about their quality that all of our tools are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing faults.
  • Lockout HASPs

    Lockout HASPs (7)

    Lockout Hasps are integral to a successful safety lockout program or procedure as they can provide effective multi-person lockout.
  • Locksmith Tools

    Locksmith Tools (12)

    Locksmith Tools. Professional locksmiths need a wide variety of tools and accessories to stock their toolboxes and make jobs easier. You’ll find plug spinners, key decoders, lock and safe scopes, plug followers, pinning blocks, locksmith tweezers, turning tools and more at LockPickShop.
  • Mortice Locks

    Mortice Locks (2)

    Mortice Locks are available with deadbolts, latches or a combination of both and hook and claw bolts that are used for sliding doors. They are fitted inside a lock pocket or a mortice cut out of the door.
  • Padlocks

    Padlocks (45)

    Padlocks are portable locks with a shackle that may be passed through an opening to prevent use, theft, vandalism or harm.
  • Pick Sets

    Pick Sets (35)

    Pick Sets carries many lock pick sets designed specifically for beginners. Whether you are a lock picking hobbyist wanting to learn basic raking or a student of the trade we have just the right lock pick set for you.
  • Slim Jim Car Openers

    Slim Jim Car Openers (1)

    The Original Slim Jim is still the best for opening cars. The Slim Jim design unlocks a variety of foreign and domestic vehicles. Made of stainless steel. Full Color Instructions included.
  • Vehicle Keys

    Vehicle Keys (351)

    Vehicle Key or an automobile key is a key used to open and/or start an automobile. Modern key designs are usually symmetrical, and some use grooves on both sides, rather than a cut edge, to actuate the lock.
  • Wall and Floor Anchor

    Wall and Floor Anchor (2)

    Wall and Floor Anchors is a quality mounting anchor can be fixed to the wall as well as to the ground. Its 16 mm thick shackle made of specially hardened steel offers the greatest resistance.