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NEW! Meet the Silca Futura Auto

Futura Auto is the electronic key cutting machine for vehicle laser, dimple and Flat keys, both with single and double cuts. With the standard equipment you can duplicate keys with narrow stems like Mercedes® HU64 and VAG® keys type HU 162T.

• Optimized cutting station for all vehicle key types.
• Software-guided key cutting procedures.
• Optimized cutting cycles.
• Immediate process control via led lights.
• Space-saving and portable solution.
• Duplication of broken flat keys.
• Software functions include: fast key search, integrated key hook position, compatibility with InstaCode, key cut preview, guided up dating procedures, ‘Partial cuts’ function.

Laser key cutting
01RA clamp equipped with 106 and 107 jaws for fixing most laser keys on the market.
Cutters supplied: 01LW, 02LW, 06LW.
Flat key cutting
Four-sided nickel plated 01VA clamp with
easy-rotation system.
Big gauge for perfectly aligning the keys.
Cutter supplied: 12L

Available from May 2019